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© 2019 Palmyre Paris

A childhood lulled by the love of painting and architecture, a nomadic youth on the colorful roads of Italy, traveling parents and a privateer ancestor cultivated at Palmyre Debray a natural taste for discovery, the meetings, the elsewhere...

Trained in the technique of embroidery Soutache in Genoa, and embroidery of art in classes of the school Lesage in Paris, Palmyre makes with passion her jewels in her Parisian atelier.

Rich of this dual heritage, each piece created by Palmyre invites you on a unique journey.


The Soutache (French word from the Hungarian "Sujtas") is a very ancient know-how, historically born for the decoration of military jackets or the clothing of the Tsars.

Its contemporary application in haute couture and jewellery makes this technique a true art of jewellery. In fact, every stone or glass bead is set and enhanced thanks to the sewing of trimmings. The silky braid is finely, meticulously and patiently sewn by hand in a set of colours and interlacing that give life to extra-ordinary pieces.


An alliance of creativity and know-how in French art crafts, Palmyre is a contemporary brand that borrows from haute-couture the need for detail, finishing and its taste for noble materials: embroidery with gold thread, hand-spun Murano glass beads, semi-precious stones, trimmings…

Carefully sewn by hand, each piece is unique.


Semi-precious stones, Murano glass beads, Hungarian silk trimming beads, gold thread embroidery, Paris silk thread, Japanese Miyuki beads, Austrian Swarovski Crystal….

Each piece combines colours and materials, brilliance or opacity, rich or raw materials from the four corners of the world.


All Murano glass beads are hand-made by Antonio Zito italian glassmaker.